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Indie music and festivals - Manhattan love suicides

Manhattan love suicides

We also love to discover new venues which host exciting music events.

The Two Brewers has stood in the centre of St Andrew Street in Manchester for 102 years.

At the time it was built the area was going through a time of rapid change. Before it had been a quiet rural area - in fact St Andrew Street is an old path through the woods that grew here - the trains brought an influx of persons to live and work in the city.

Famous people include poets, artists, actors, writers, painters and sculptors. It became a bohemian centre. You can find out more about Manchester elsewhere on the internet.

Since then the pub has passed from owner to owner on many occasions. It's had good times and bad times but currently its owners see the future as looking very bright as the pub goes on to establish itself as Manchester’s premier venue for live music.

But The Two Brewers is much more than music. It's also one of the best alehouses around with a really nice and relaxed air and some of the best real beer in town.

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